Want to join?

More committee members are needed to join our established and committed team. If you would like to join please contact us via E-Mail: or write to:

Soham Museum, PO Box 21, The Pavilion, Soham, Cambridgeshire, CB7 5PL.

Our promise to you...

You pay us an annual subscription, and in return, you will receive free admission to all History Group and Museum events* throughout the year, as well as advance notice of events, and a copy of our quarterly newsletter directly to your door. Members will also be invited to take part in our exclusive annual membership outing to a local museum.

*This excludes admission to the annual Seminar, but does include admission to the Open Day

What does it cost?

Membership will no longer run on a rolling year basis. It will run annually from the 1st March to the end of February, and renewal forms will be sent out before renewal is due. Members joining annually will take advantage of the maximum saving, whilst all members joining before mid June should make some savings. Single membership currently costs £10 per annum. Family memberships are also available and present the best savings throughout the year. A family group will consist of persons living at the same address, ie. parents with children, or a group of relatives who share the same house. Family membership costs £15 per annum. Each member, including group members will receive a membership card, which must be presented at events in order to gain free admission.

What are my duties as a ‘Friend’?

Neither Soham Museum, or Soham History Group requires any commitment from 'Friends of Soham Museum' and you may attend as many or few events as you wish. However, we do appreciate that you may want to be a bit more involved with what is going on. We never turn away offers of help at events, and could always do with an extra pair of hands to sell raffle tickets or help with the refreshments. `Friends' might also like to get together and run fund raising events between themselves, such as car boots, jumble sales or cake stalls.

How can I help?

You might have skills to offer us, or just a good idea to share, or you might enjoy writing pieces for our newsletter. What ever help you can offer will always be gratefully received, so, please speak to a committee member or write to us if you feel you want more out of your membership.

Does my membership mean I am a committee member or have to attend meetings?

In short, no! Joining 'Friends of Soham Museum' means that you are supporting us by attending our events. This helps us to raise money towards the Museum Project. Although, `Friends' are always welcome to come to committee meetings as guests, they are not actually committee members, and therefore have no responsibility towards the organisation of the museum project.

Can I join the committee?

The museum is always looking for new and enthusiastic committee members. The committee meets in the meeting room, at the Walter Gidney Pavilion, The Recreation Ground, Fountain Lane, Soham, every two months, to discuss official and administrative matters, work in progress, new projects, and events. Our meetings are usually very lively and informal. Guests are welcome, and there is no obligation to join.

What are the benefits?

As a Committee Member of Soham Museum, you would be able to join in decision making, offer your own ideas and recommendations, and help to plan future projects. You may participate in meetings to a greater or lesser extent, and attend as few or as many events as you wish, although most members do take advantage of free admission to our events. As a committee member, you are expected to attend most committee meetings - currently six per year, and help at events when it is convenient for you to do so. However, there is no time commitment or pressure, and most members greatly enjoy taking part. Members do not have to take up official posts, but there are always a few available to those who might be interested in something more challenging.

Posts –Volunteers Required:

We are also looking for a safe indoor storage facility for part of our collection

What is the next step?

We would be delighted if one or two readers would take the next step and contact us about joining the museum committee. It really does take up very little time, and can be a seriously rewarding hobby. However, if you just want to take part as a 'friend' and enjoy our History group events, we would love to hear from you, forms are available from Joy Ames as follows:-

Joy Ames, Soham Museum - Membership Secretary

Make a difference

One hundred memberships per year would double our current fund raising target, and help the museum to put even more local history into the public domain, through holding popular events, such as our bimonthly History Group's and Annual Open Day, and publishing books and pamphlets. Both major books we have published, `The Soham Book 2000' and `Soham at War' have been nominated for local history book awards, and publishing our local history to a high standard is a very good way of preserving it. As custodians of Soham's local history, Soham Museum would very much value your `friendship'

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